Eel Oil 1000mg / 1500mg

The main components: 100% Australia Wild Freshwater eel bone marrow oil

main ingredient content: containing AKGS is greater than or equal to 600mg, EPA, DHA is more than or equal to 70mg, in every 1000mg.

Eel Oil 1000mg (60 Capsules x 2 bottles) $98
Eel Oil 1500mg (60 Capsules x 2 bottles) $138
(It is a precious ingredient that can get only 2.5kg of pure oil from 100kg of freshwater eel)




Eel Oil 1000mg
(60 Capsules x 2 bottles)

Eel Oil 1500mg
(60 Capsules x 2 bottles)

The main components:

100% Australia Wild Fresh water eel bone marrow oil


Main ingredient content:

Containing AKGS is greater than or equal to 600mg, EPA, DHA is more than or equal to 70mg, in every 1000mg.



  • 1000mg x 60 softgels / bottle
  • 1500mg x 60 softgels / bottle



Two times each day, two pills each time, and accompanied by warm water.
Regulate dosage according to your needs.
For children below 10 years old, take one (1) capsule a day.



Warm boiling water to swallow, two times daily, three capsules each time.



Storage at room temperature in a cool, dry place, avoid light. (temperature lower than 5 degree, the capsule is milky white as normal)

The main component of Tiens eel oil is AKGS, which is the general fish oil not only thecomponents of the product, but also Tiens products.

The main effect of AKGS is stimulates the production of white blood cells, can improve the immunity and scavenging free radicals.

We Recommend the AustrlianGolden Eel Extract to:

Children in their growth period,
those with low energy or low stamina,
those who have a lot of work meetings or have to drink often,
those who often feel cold,
have weak bowel movements,
athletes who spend a lot of energy,
and workers or students who use their brain a lot.

The Effects of Wild Freshwater Eel

Promote Growth Freshwater eel extract is full of calcium, iron, and vitamin a, and therefore is good for children in their growth period.
Restores Health Freshwater eel extract is a good health food for elders with low resistance or for those who are recovering from an illness and are weak.
Anti-aging Freshwater eel extract is an effective anti-aging product as it strengthens the capillaries and peripheral nerves.
Enhancement of Sexual Energy Freshwater eel extract is full of vitamin a and b which are effective for developing men’s stamina.
Relieves Neuralgia and Arthritis Freshwater eel extract is effective in relieving backache, neuralgia or arthritis, and also good for pneumonia, tuberculosis, or cancer patients.
Skin Care Freshwater eel extract contains a component that facilitates women’s ovarian function which helps improve skin elasticity. It is good for skin care, such as the prevention of wrinkles.
Brain Development Freshwater eel extract contains lecithin, DHA, and EPA, which are effective for active brain activity.
Purification of the Blood and Blood Vessels Freshwater eel extract contains a large amount of omega3, which helps prevent the aging of veins. It is also effective in preventing arteriosclerosis or stroke by reducing the cholesterol concentration in the blood.

Hygienic production facilities of Australian Golden Eel

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Eel Oil 1000mg ( 60 Capsules x 2 bottles), Eel Oil 1500mg ( 60 Capsules x 2 bottles)