Premium Golden Eel Extract

Premium Extract! 100% Australian Wild Freshwater Eel,
with carefully selected main traditional Chinese herbal ingredients, we made our natural freshwater eel for 24 hours.

80ml x 5 pouches x 6 boxes (Total 30 pouches)



Golden EEL

100% Australian Wild Freshwater Eel Extract

Milk Thistle great for restoring liver function

+  made with 20 Traditional Chinese Herbal ingredients

Australian Golden Eel Extract

Australia Provisional Patent Application No. 2018904758

This Premium Golden Eel Extract produced carefully for the busy, modern day people is made with 100% Australian wild freshwater eel great for health care and milk thistle which helps restore your liver function.

Special ingredients only available in Australian Golden Eel!
20 traditional Chinese herbal ingredients carefully selected by an Australian professional Oriental medicine doctor!
Enjoy the nature of 100% Australian wild freshwater eel!
The perfect gift you can give to your loved ones!
The best health product boiled down for 24 hours!
Made carefully for those who deserve to be healthy!
Well-made premium Australian Golden Eel Extract!
Feel for yourself the energy and nutrition of 100% Australian wild freshwater eel.

We’ve made the Golden Eel Extract
by carefully boiling down
our special ingredients for 24 hours.


Produced by carefully boiling down 100% Australian wild freshwater eel,
The product was produced by boiling down 100% Australian wild freshwater eel for 24 hours with 20 carefully selected, traditional Chinese herbal ingredients
We manufacture and produce reliable healthy foods by building a modern, clean, automatic production system with traditional manufacturing technology.

We Recommend the AustrlianGolden Eel Extract to:

Children in their growth period,
those with low energy or low stamina,
those who have a lot of work meetings or have to drink often,
those who often feel cold,
have weak bowel movements,
athletes who spend a lot of energy,
and workers or students who use their brain a lot.

The Effects of Wild Freshwater Eel

Promote Growth Freshwater eel extract is full of calcium, iron, and vitamin a, and therefore is good for children in their growth period.
Restores Health Freshwater eel extract is a good health food for elders with low resistance or for those who are recovering from an illness and are weak.
Anti-aging Freshwater eel extract is an effective anti-aging product as it strengthens the capillaries and peripheral nerves.
Enhancement of Sexual Energy Freshwater eel extract is full of vitamin a and b which are effective for developing men’s stamina.
Relieves Neuralgia and Arthritis Freshwater eel extract is effective in relieving backache, neuralgia or arthritis, and also good for pneumonia, tuberculosis, or cancer patients.
Skin Care Freshwater eel extract contains a component that facilitates women’s ovarian function which helps improve skin elasticity. It is good for skin care, such as the prevention of wrinkles.
Brain Development Freshwater eel extract contains lecithin, DHA, and EPA, which are effective for active brain activity.
Purification of the Blood and Blood Vessels Freshwater eel extract contains a large amount of omega3, which helps prevent the aging of veins. It is also effective in preventing arteriosclerosis or stroke by reducing the cholesterol concentration in the blood.

100% Australian Wild Freshwater Eel
& 20 Oriental Ingredients

Milk vetch, Baekbokgyeong, Barley,
Angelica, Bokbunja, Cnidium, Ovate-leaf Atractylodes,
Dried Orange Peel, Eucommia, Chinese Yam,
Cinnamon, Mugwort, Quince,
Korean Mint, Peony, Licorice, Acanthopanax, Duji,
Chinese Matrimony Vine, Foxglove, Jigumok,
Beefsteak Plant, Sangji, Hovenia Dulcis,
Garlic, Onion, Jujube and Ginger

Australian Golden Eel Extract Top 5

1. Reliable Product Approved by Food Standards Australia
(Health supplement food approved by Food Standards Australia,
the most strict standards in the whole world)
(Notified to NSW Food Authority Ref No.45436)

2. Safe Product as $10,000,000 Covered
by the Australian Food Liability Insurance.

(Public Liability – $10,000,000 )

3. Applied for the Patent in Australia
(Australia Provision Patent Application No. 2018904758)

4. Made Purely with 100% Australian Wild Freshwater Eel

5. Examined by a Professional Australian Oriental Medicine Doctor
and Made with a Very Special Production Process,

Therefore, a reliable, oriental Eel extract for men and women of all ages.

Provide healthiness to yourself living a busy daily life,
your family, your parents who need extra health care,
and your loved ones.

Australian Golden Eel Extract is
packaged luxuriously, suitable as a Gift for others.

A whole box contains 6 small boxes.
A small box contains 80ml x 5 each (Total 30 Pouches)

Storage Instructions and Precautions

  • Please take 1 ~ 2 capsules per day, 30 min ~ 1 hour after breakfast and dinner.
  • It is very important to take it constantly, every day.
  • Store in fridge, but it is good to heat it up before intaking
  • Thoroughly shake before intaking, there are sediments (nutrients).
  • When using a microwave: You must remove the packaging and move the contents into a microwavable container and add water before
  • microwaving. (#Heating up by water bath: If heated up in boiling water bath, the printing of the outer packaging may be damaged.)
  • Store in a cool, dry place and avoid direct sunlight.

Hygienic production facilities of Australian Golden Eel

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